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Pigeons in Venice
Photography Travel

How to Regram Images on Instagram

One of the great things about Facebook is the ability to share posts and photos with your friends. But Instagram quite frustratingly has not created an easy way to allow you to share images that you might enjoy on…

Blue Grotto in Capri video
Travel Video

Blue Grotto Experience in Capri

We took a trip out to the world famous Blue Grotto in Capri. Sometimes it’s not always about the destination, but the journey to get to where you are going and the Blue Grotto was no exception. We started…


Visiting the Hadzabe Tribe in Tanzania

The early morning came way too soon as we gathered our gear and jumped in the vehicle for an hour and a half journey to visit the Hadzabe Tribe near Lake Eyasi in Tanzania. The road twisted and turned…

Shutter Tours Africa Ebook

Take a Dream Trip to Africa

Tracy and I will bring guests to Africa again in 2017, and we would like you to join us on this once in a lifetime dream trip to Tanzania.  We put together an E-Brochure in PDF format for our…

Maasai Elder

Africa Portraits

I had the opportunity to take a tour to Africa in November 2015 for my second trip over there. Though it is great to see the wild animals on a trip like this, even more for me is to…

Brugges at Night

Brugge at Night

On a recent trip to Africa, I made another stop in Amsterdam and Brugge and was fortunate to have a rainy evening in Brugge to get some interesting night photos. This city is like a movie set where every…