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  • Shutter Tours Africa Ebook

    Take a Dream Trip to Africa

    Tracy and I will bring guests to Africa again in 2017, and we would like you to join us on this once in a lifetime dream trip to Tanzania.  We put…

  • Maasai Elder

    Africa Portraits

    I had the opportunity to take a tour to Africa in November 2015 for my second trip over there. Though it is great to see the wild animals on a trip…

  • Brugges at Night

    Brugge at Night

    On a recent trip to Africa, I made another stop in Amsterdam and Brugge and was fortunate to have a rainy evening in Brugge to get some interesting night photos. This…

  • Gasworks Park Seattle

    A Day in Seattle

    There is probably no better view than Kerry park in Seattle. It’s not often Mt. Rainier will be out and on this particular day it was picture perfect. Hiram Chittenden Locks…

  • Sequim Washington Lavender

    Sequim Lavender Weekend

    For the past three years I have been bringing guests to the Lavender Weekend in Sequim (I can’t say festival due to copyright owners of the SLF getting upset for using…

  • Taksim Square Trolley in Istanbul

    Istanbul at Night

    Istanbul has a population of over 14 million people making it the sixth most populous city in the world. Taking photos during the day can be a bit of a challenge,…

  • antique shop owner Istanbul


    A collection of photos from my trip to Istanbul. Instead of adding a narrative, I’m just sharing the photos. This was one of those magical moments in Istanbul. Right around noon,…

  • Maasai Children
    Photography Travel

    Faces of Maasai

    When I travel I always like to take photos of people, especially what I would call environmental photos. Taking photos in familiar surroundings puts people at ease and in the digital world,…

  • Amsterdam Bike Parking
    Photography Travel

    The Camera in Your Pocket

    I love shooting with a digital DSLR with a great lens and in my mind they are both a requirement for getting professional quality images while on vacation. But there are some…

  • Amsterdam Statue

    Walking Amsterdam

    From the Dutch Masters paintings hanging in the Rijksmuseum, to the century old canals and bridges to wonderful cafe’s, Amsterdam is a vibrant city with everything one expects from a world…

  • Elephants in Tanzania

    Majestic Elephants

    One of my favorite mammals have always been the elephant and I was in for a real surprise in how many we saw throughout the trip. One of the best experiences…

  • Serengeti Cheetah

    Serengeti Cheetah

      “Nine O’clock, Cheetah on our left” Ken yells out as Gabriel and I spin our heads to see the elusive Cheetah not more than 25 yards away from our vehicle.…