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A Fun Video From Amsterdam Stop

On our way to Tanzania to meet our customers, Amanda and I had a couple of days in Amsterdam to get acclimated to the time zone change and have a little bit of fun. When one goes to Amsterdam, you need to make sure you eat two things, a Herring Sandwich at Stubbe’s Haring a few blocks from the central station and the little pancake-like poffertjes at De Vier Pilaren.

The music in the video can be found via a search on the YouTube Audio Library. Its a great resource for some high-quality music to make your videos come alive.

Travel Video

10 Best Travel Videos to Help You Breathe Again

Rewind Recharge and reconnect

What kind of headline is that you may ask? “10 Best Travel Videos to Help You Breathe Again.” Well first off, it got your attention but secondly, I believe that travel allows us to finally decompress from life and experience freedoms that we don’t get in our day to day routines. Too often were working hard, running households and all the time, we seem to be holding our breath and not living. Travel allows us to do that and if we can’t travel, well why not watch some great travel videos?

My Criteria for a Good Travel Video

I have to admit, creating great travel videos is difficult and I only wish I could be at the level of the next 10 videos I will share. Here are the things I looked for before sharing these gems:

  • Makes you want to pack your bag
  • Excellent photography
  • Great editing
  • Great use of music
  • Cinematic feel or great story

One of the reasons I was inspired to create this list, I was at dinner with some friends, one of whom is a photographer for a non-profit and he was sharing his work. I was blown away by his editing and storyline and thought it was important to share his video. Sadly, one of his most impactful pieces has less than 2,000 views. But before I share Eric’s work, here are some of my favorite travel videos in no particular order.

Let’s Go – Seattle

I felt it was appropriate to put a video of my hometown up first. The cinematography here is beautifully done and the opening scene with the waterfall is at Snoqualmie Falls where my company takes customers on our daily Seattle tours.

Exploring Palau: A Secret Paradise

The Dfly team has put together some great videos, but this one is probably my favorite. Using great transitions, underwater footage and some great slow motion video using something they call “The Blob”, this video is fun and makes you wish you were on vacation right now with your best friends.

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antique shop owner Istanbul

A collection of photos from my trip to Istanbul. Instead of adding a narrative, I’m just sharing the photos.

This was one of those magical moments in Istanbul. Right around noon, I said 1 in the video, but it was noon after I realized my watch was set incorrectly. I was in the Galata Tower with a fantastic view of the city, when all the mosques started their call to prayers simultaneously.
antique shop owner in Grand Bazaar Istanbul

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