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Rare White Baboon in Arusha National Park

Rare White Baboon © Terry Divyak

Being on Safari can be full of surprises, but on this day we had probably the best surprise of all. We were on our first day of our 12-day trip and everyone was excited about what we might see. Arusha National Park is one of those gems of a park that not many people go to because you won’t see lions or any cats. But I like it because its a great introduction to our trip to see our first Giraffe’s, Baboons, Colobus and Blue Monkeys.

Arusha National Park Entrance

We arrived at the park gate around 10:30 AM and waited as Francis sorted all the paperwork and then we were off to our official start of our safari. Almost immediately we saw a field of Zebras and Wart Hogs and it was fun to feel the excitement for those in the vehicle who have never been to Africa before.  As we continued to drive we saw Blue Monkeys and baboons.

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