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Terry Divyak

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    Positano, Italy

    Tracy and I really enjoyed our visit to both Capri and Positano. Positano is a small town located on the Amalfi Coast in the Campania region of Italy. The town is…

  • Maasai Matriarch
    Photography Travel

    Portraits of Maasai

    As my photography has evolved I find that I mostly gravitate to taking photos of people. Whether it’s the streets of Seattle doing street photography or while being a tour leader…

  • Leopard in a Sausage tree in Tanzania By Terry Divyak

    Leopard in a Sausage Tree

    Back in March I was a tour leader on a private tour to Tanzania and I’m always amazed what world class guides can see while on Safari that many of us…

  • Best Mexican Coffee by Terry Divyak

    Best Mexican Coffee Ever

    Traveling has been far and few between, but when Tracy invited me to Mexico to Cabo San Lucas to hang out for some time, it was an immediate yes for me.…

  • Feeding lion attacks female

    Male Lion Guards His Food Like A King

    Back in 2018 we were in the Central Serengeti and heard the radio chatter of two male lions eating a young Cape Buffalo. We immediately made it to the spot and…

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    Grand Canyon to Zion

    Grand Canyon was a great place to visit but it was time to move north to continue my journey home. Before I made it to Zion, I did a quick stop…

  • South Rim of Grand Canyon in B&W
    Photography Travel

    Grand Canyon Tour

    As children, we all learn about the great National Parks in America and many of you readers have had the great fortune to travel to many throughout the United States. Though…