Best Mexican Coffee Ever

Traveling has been far and few between, but when Tracy invited me to Mexico to Cabo San Lucas to hang out for some time, it was an immediate yes for me.

We now live three states away from each other and will remain lifelong friends. She reached an incentive goal with her business and so the trip was free, all except the airfare, so she asked me to come along.

Hard Rock Hotel in Cabo San Lucas

We stayed at one of the most fantastic all inclusive hotels I have ever been at, the Hard Rock in Cabo San Lucas.

Such a great place to hang out and catch the ocean breeze

Built in 2019, the hotel was practically brand new and I was in heaven hanging out at the pool and even had to check out the water slides which was a lot of fun.

The Office at the Beach in Cabo San Lucas
The Office on the Beach in Cabo San Lucas

But no trip is complete without heading to the beach and having fish tacos at The Office by the Beach. A famous restaurant that deserves all the credit for great food like their fish tacos and getting hit on the head by the “Office Rambo” after taking a shot of Tequila.

The Office at the Beach Tequila Shots
Anyone up for a shot of Tequila?

Of course we had to purchase the souvenir photos from “Rambo” to remember our fun time there.

A few days later Tracy and I decided to take another boat ride to the Office and we were really excited to have their fish tacos again.

She loved holding this snake

But I also think Tracy was more excited about being able to hold a snake like she did a few days before. I don’t care for snakes and I’d rather have glass between a snake and myself, though I was really tempted to grab the tail of a Python that one time in Arusha National Park in Tanzania (See video).

But not only that but we were extremely excited to have a Margarita and then we learned about the Mexican Coffee.

Best Mexican Coffee
Edgar working the coffee magic

Hands down the best Mexican Coffee ever. I was mesmerized watching him create it, but don’t take my word for it, make sure you watch the video.

Best Mexican Coffee Ever

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