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  • Bombay Beach Trailer
    Travel Van Life

    A Van Down by the River?

    They say idle hands are the devil’s workshop and the business shutdown has had me looking at other ways to travel and what better way than to travel in a converted…

  • Hoover Dam
    Photography Travel

    Hoover Dam

    My trip to Hoover Dam was a short stop on my way back north to my home state of Washington. I had wanted to see the dam for years and was…

  • Travel

    12 Day Road Trip

    Check out the latest video from my 12 Day Road Trip. You’ll see my favorite stop at the El Dorado Canyon Mine in Nevada as well as some other fun adventures…

  • Lion on a Kopje in the Serengeti

    Dreaming of the Rains in Africa

    I just arrived in Amsterdam before heading to Tanzania again for safari and it feels like I just arrived back in Seattle. Did the plane just circle the U.S. and land…

  • Leopards in Tree
    Travel Video

    Young Leopard Drops Gazelle From Tree

    This year on the annual safari to Tanzania, we came upon a tree with two Leopards, and mother and a juvenile Leopard who were eating a recently caught Gazelle. The previous…

  • Seattle Street Photography

    Found an old roll of B&W Film

    A few months ago I was going through a storage unit and ran across an old Yashica 35 GSN film camera I had and I accidentally opened the back, not thinking…