Found an old roll of B&W Film

A few months ago I was going through a storage unit and ran across an old Yashica 35 GSN film camera I had and I accidentally opened the back, not thinking there was film in it. Well there was and it was a bright sunny day, but I quickly closed the back and rewound the spool. It was a roll of Kodak 400TX and I quickly ordered a mailer from B and H and sent the film off.

Now I had no idea what was on the roll and it could have been anywhere from some travel images to portraits of friends and family to street photography. Well, the arrived back and to my surprise, they were some images of shooting around downtown Seattle and in and around the Pike Place Market. Best I can tell, these were probably taken right around Thanksgiving time in November, maybe 2004-2005 timeframe.

No earth-shattering images, but a few slow shutter speed images that I remember experimenting with. This allowed me to take a walk down memory lane as I can remember each situation where I had shot these. (One note, I had the filmed scanned and I was not happy with the results from the lab. I still have the negatives, so maybe I can do that on my own at some point. )

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