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How to Regram Images on Instagram

One of the great things about Facebook is the ability to share posts and photos with your friends. But Instagram quite frustratingly has not created an easy way to allow you to share images that you might enjoy on your feed to share with others.

Our post on Facebook when Tracy and I stayed at Villa Sofie near Positano, received over 2,300 views as of this writing. But posting that video on Instagram would only amount to a handful of views and the same goes for any photos we post there.

 Villa Sofia in Positano

An Easy Way to Repost Instagram Photos

At Travel Fanatical we are always thinking of additional ways to share our images or perhaps in the future, reposting ones we like. There is one easy solution we found to “Regramming” by using a simple app titled Repost for Instagram. There are a couple of apps with the same name, so the one you’ll want to download is made by Red Cactus LLC.

Proper Etiquette of Reposting

There has been quite a bit of discussion on photography websites about how to properly repost on Instagram and here are a few rules to follow.

  1. Reach out to the original poster and ask permission to share, especially if you have a commercial account.
  2. Always give credit to the original poster. (We’ll show you an easy way in the app below)
  3. Use the hashtag #Regram and add the original posters account name such as @travelfanatical in your comments
  4. If you are asked to remove an image by the artist, (Perhaps you didn’t follow rule #1) don’t argue, just comply with their wishes.
  5. Give the original poster a like on their account where you found the photo and leave a comment letting them know you appreciate their work.

How to Regram a Photo

One you have downloaded the App, Repost for Instagram open the app and then go back to Instagram and find the photo you want to share in Instagram.

How to Regram Images on Instagram

In the upper right-hand corner of the photo, you will see three little dots. Click on these dots and Choose the option “Copy Share URL.”

How to Regram Images on Instagram

You will then see a message, “Link copied to Clipboard”

How to Regram Images on Instagram

Once the link is copied , go to Repost for Instagram, and you will see the link in the app, ready to repost.

How to Regram Images on Instagram

Click on the link that was just copied, and you’ll see my personal Instagram account name has been inserted into the image and can be placed in any corner I choose.

How to Regram Images on Instagram

I can also choose whether to have a light or dark background as well.

How to Regram Images on Instagram

Next, choose the Copy to Instagram icon

How to Regram Images on Instagram

From this point on you go through the normal process to post your photo on Instagram. Just be sure to add the original posters name in the comments. In this example, it would be my personal account @tdivyak.

If you are looking for an automated approach to posting Instagram images, take a look at a product called Later. According to their site over 600,000 brands and influencers are using their program to manage their Instagram posts. You can plan, schedule and manage your post all within the app. They also have a great blog to help you in this effort.

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