Male Lion Guards His Food Like A King

Back in 2018 we were in the Central Serengeti and heard the radio chatter of two male lions eating a young Cape Buffalo. We immediately made it to the spot and for the next hour or so, we watched the dance that lions do to eat.

First off, the male lion always eats first and chances are he did not even get the kill but they commandeer them right away. When we arrived the females stayed very far away and it was only a young cub that slowly worked his way to the edge of the food, then gingerly took little bites as the male continually let the cub know who was boss.

The other male lion, went to sleep in the hot African sun, while the little one continued to get closer to the good parts of his meal, all the while the male kept telling him to “Step away Son”.

Soon the female lions got brave and one grabbed a leg-bone and immediately ran off into the grass and in the video you can hear how powerful a female lions jaws are to crunch through the bone. Finally the male was surrounded by four females and they all started feasting, but the male was not done yet. He started getting very irritated at the others and attacked them on numerous occasions and even completely covered the Cape Buffalo with his large body so they wouldn’t steal it from him.

In all my trips to Africa, this was probably the most interesting kill to watch because one could witness the hierarchy that takes place and the pecking order of who eats and how the go about it. I recommend you not fast forward through the video and watch this all play out and make sure you like and subscribe on Youtube.

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