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Luxury African Safari with Shutter Tours

What to Expect on a Luxury African Safari

As a child, I always had this vision of going to Africa and experiencing wild animals in their natural habitat. I could see myself wearing a pith hat and boots in an open vehicle as untamed Africa unfolded in…

Seattle Street Photography

Found an old roll of B&W Film

A few months ago I was going through a storage unit and ran across an old Yashica 35 GSN film camera I had and I accidentally opened the back, not thinking there was film in it. Well there was…

Cheetah in vehicle
Travel Video

Video – Cheetahs Jump Into Safari Vehicle

I have never experienced this before, but this would have been an amazing interaction to be a part of. Cheetahs seem like the most chill animal to observe, but could you imagine if one was sitting right next to…


Tanzania 2018 Highlight Photos

Selection of some of my favorite photos from our trip to Tanzania in 2018. Locations visited include: Arusha National Park Tarangire Ngorongoro Crater Serengeti…

Tanzania Safari

Video Tanzania Trip 2018

I started going to Tanzania in 2013 and each year keeps getting better and better. This year seemed as if we saw everything imaginable on what you would expect on an African Safari. But the one thing I have…

Ngorongoro Sunrise Timelapse

Ngorongoro Crater Timelapse

With another Africa Safari under our belt, here is a video shot with the GoPro 7 plus at the Ngorongoro in Tanzania. We always stay at the Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge, regularly rated one of the top hotels in…

Gear Video

GoPro 7 Night Lapse Video With Settings

First off, I want to say that I love the new GoPro 7 Black. The quality of the footage and dynamic range is outstanding, but I am also comparing to my old GoPro 3. One of the things I…