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Feeding lion attacks female

Male Lion Guards His Food Like A King

Back in 2018 we were in the Central Serengeti and heard the radio chatter of two male lions eating a young Cape Buffalo. We immediately made it to the spot and for the next hour or so, we watched…


Grand Canyon to Zion

Grand Canyon was a great place to visit but it was time to move north to continue my journey home. Before I made it to Zion, I did a quick stop at Bryce National Park and was so impressed…

South Rim of Grand Canyon in B&W
Photography Travel

Grand Canyon Tour

As children, we all learn about the great National Parks in America and many of you readers have had the great fortune to travel to many throughout the United States. Though I have had the opportunity to bring guests…

Lonesome Road
Photography Travel

Slow Travel

I recently heard a term that made a lot of sense to me, it was “slow travel”. I have been watching quite a few van lifers, who seem to typify this type a traveling where one is not in…

Bombay Beach Trailer
Travel Van Life

A Van Down by the River?

They say idle hands are the devil’s workshop and the business shutdown has had me looking at other ways to travel and what better way than to travel in a converted tour bus? This idea of living a part-time…

Hoover Dam
Photography Travel

Hoover Dam

My trip to Hoover Dam was a short stop on my way back north to my home state of Washington. I had wanted to see the dam for years and was so intrigued by this engineering marvel and one…


12 Day Road Trip

Check out the latest video from my 12 Day Road Trip. You’ll see my favorite stop at the El Dorado Canyon Mine in Nevada as well as some other fun adventures and stops at some other fun and touristy…

Courthouse in Belmont, Nevada

Finding the Ghost Town of Belmont Nevada

Covid had me getting restless and I needed to get away so I embarked on a 12-day trip to check out someplace where I have always wanted to go. This was the Salton Sea, Bombay Beach and Slab City.…

Lion on a Kopje in the Serengeti

Dreaming of the Rains in Africa

I just arrived in Amsterdam before heading to Tanzania again for safari and it feels like I just arrived back in Seattle. Did the plane just circle the U.S. and land back home? Sitting at the XO hotel (formerly…