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    Tasting the Most Expensive Coffee in the World

    The production of Luwak Coffee is unique and intriguing. It involves a civet, a small mammal native to Indonesia, that eats ripe coffee cherries. The cherries undergo fermentation in the civet’s…

  • Roosters in Bali

    Taking a Walk in A Bali Village

    Linda and I stayed at the Matahari Villas in Ubud and it was located in a small village right up against the rice patties. Every morning we would wake up and…

  • Terry's first taste of Durian

    Terry’s First Taste of Durian

    Durian is a combination of garlic, dirty socks, sweet taste and feels like butter. Definitely worth trying for a true balinese experience of the King Fruit.…

  • Maasai Matriarch
    Photography Travel

    Portraits of Maasai

    As my photography has evolved I find that I mostly gravitate to taking photos of people. Whether it’s the streets of Seattle doing street photography or while being a tour leader…

  • Best Mexican Coffee by Terry Divyak

    Best Mexican Coffee Ever

    Traveling has been far and few between, but when Tracy invited me to Mexico to Cabo San Lucas to hang out for some time, it was an immediate yes for me.…

  • Feeding lion attacks female

    Male Lion Guards His Food Like A King

    Back in 2018 we were in the Central Serengeti and heard the radio chatter of two male lions eating a young Cape Buffalo. We immediately made it to the spot and…

  • Amsterdam Video

    A Fun Video From Amsterdam Stop

    On our way to Tanzania to meet our customers, Amanda and I had a couple of days in Amsterdam to get acclimated to the time zone change and have a little bit…