Visiting the Hadzabe Tribe in Tanzania

The early morning came way too soon as we gathered our gear and jumped in the vehicle for an hour and a half journey to visit the Hadzabe Tribe near Lake Eyasi in Tanzania. The road twisted and turned with lots of bumps as the headlights pierced the darkness, an occasional truck passed us in the opposite direction on the dusty, dark road. As the morning dawned, the road followed a single power line dotted with individual lights in front of homes that were barely 500 square feet. We made our first stop at the Lake Eyasi cultural tourism office to pickup our guide Michael, who was well versed in the ways of the Hadzabe. Michael had decided to learn more about the Hadzabe culture as he was finishing school and made the decision that he must live with them to understand who they were. The Hadzabe tribe is small in relative terms, with just over 1,000 left in the world. However, only about 300 are hunter/gatherers,  and their way of life is relatively unchanged in the last 10,000 years. They do not grow crops nor have livestock or even permanent structures for homes. Research has found that they originated from this … Continue reading Visiting the Hadzabe Tribe in Tanzania